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Monday, January 17, 2022

Pied Stilt

 16th January 2022

It was a great birding day at Tempasuk Plain yesterday after another round of Black-faced Spoonbill, with John and Mark, we drove to Tips of Borneo, Kudat for the Black-naped Fruit Dove (lifer) and dips on the Ashy Minivet. Other birds seen there were the Brown Shrike, Lesser Frigatebird, Dollarbird and Asian Palm-Swift.

Then another alert were sent to the group for the Pied Stilt at Tempasuk Plain! It took us back to the plain around 1820 hrs++ and after rounding up the place for a while, eventually we got the vagrant Stilt roosting at one of the plot next to the main road! My Sabah Big Year 2022 now at 125 species. 375 birds to go!

We did the Asian Wetland Census as well and the list below:

  1. Wandering Whistling Duck x 100++
  2. Black-winged Stilt x 49
  3. Pied Stilt x 4
  4. Curlew Sandpiper x 1
  5. Temminck's Stint x1
  6. Red-necked Stint x 15
  7. Marsh Sandpiper x 5
  8. Great Egret x 4
  9. Intermediate Egret x 1
  10. Little Egret x 21
  11. Black-faced Spoonbill x1


Used to be common migrant, it gets harder every year now... Brown Shrike

The Pied Stilt! My last sighting at Tuaran a few years ago

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