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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Tawai Rainforest Camp, Telupid

5th July 2019

On my way to Sandakan, I decided to pay a bit of more visit to the newly upgraded facilities at Tawai Rainforest Camp that is popular among the locals mainly for the river itself. It takes only 10 minutes drive from the main Kota Kinabalu-Sandakan Road onto the reserve. In 2009, I was involved with the bird survey under Heart of Borneo and I was informed, in 2016, Sabah Forestry Department decided to promote this place as one of the recreation centres along the Tongod Road in the interior.

There were several birds seen and heard especially the rare Chestnut-naped Fortail hunting on the rocks along the river. Black-headed Bulbul, Little Spiderhunter and many more.

 Prices for chalets

This place is also popular for those who likes to do a bit of walking to the 2nd highest waterfall in Sabah. It takes about 30 minutes drive from the centre to the starting point then another 2 hours walked to the waterfall.  

Well maintained trail to the upper section of the river. This place is good for a bit of birding

Pool sections for visitors

Changing rooms and toilets with gazebos

I stayed here in 2009. It is way better now!

Happy birding!


mikebirder said...

Bro what target bird can we find here. Any special birding port

Jason Bugay Reyes a.k.a horukuru said...

Mostly the commonest species. For special ones, best if walk along the main Waterfall track that took hours to get.

Phillip Langworthy said...

Hi Jason
Can you help with some info? Do we need to apply for the entry permit + camping or chalet at TRC before we arrive or can we do it in Telupid or at the Camp?
Regards Phil (Australia)

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