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Friday, April 12, 2019

Silam Coast, Semporna and Maliau Basin Trip

19-27th March 2019

8 days trips on the East Coast of Sabah started in Lahad Datu town, the main gateway for visitors to Tabin Wildlife Reserve and Danum Valley. I went to Silam Coast mainly for the White-vented Whistler and also Black-naped Fruit-Dove, but unfortunately, no birds were seen there. Then up to Semporna town around 2 hours drive mainly for the Bohey Dulang, Tatagan, Mantabuan and Sibuan Island. The trip ended for a few days at Maliau Basin. Total distance in kilometres is around 950km loop via Tawau Kalabakan Keningau road.

Images taken with Huawei P10. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Waterbirds counting at Lahad Datu Fish Market with the Swarovski BTX95. Few Chinese Egrets here

View from the top of Silam Coast Conservation Centre (SCCA)

Waiting for the Black-naped Fruit Dove

Ariel view of the Silam Camp which happened to be one of the earliest settlements for Filipino migrants in Sabah in the 50s mainly for the timber industry

Tatangan Island with the Bajau Palao aka Sea Gypsies

On top of Bohey Dulang Island at Semporna! The hike was around 45 minutes in a 700m long from the base. Tour operator such as Pakej Budak Merah for the trip is highly recommended. RM 150 (malaysian and additional RM 30 for non malaysian) for 4 island hopping including permit, snorkeling gears and lunch 

Great view of the Mantabuan Island which is famous for visitors

One of the fine beach at Sibuan Island, the last point before back to Semporna Town

Enjoying the view of the rainforest at Maliau Basin with Swarovski Optik EL 8x32

Cemented access road leading to the Canopy Walkway and Camping Ground 

The new section of Canopy Walkway at Maliau Basin

Taking landscape pictures #digiscoping with Swarovski STX95 at Maliau Basin Observation Tower. I saw the endemic Bornean Falconet at one of the tree nearby!

Awesome sunset at Tambunan Valley on my way back home...

I will be on tour from the 20-29th April with a group from India. Happy birding!


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Show some birds capture la Jason

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