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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Cotton Pgymy Goose

17th January 2014

Ducks are generally rare or considered vagrant particularly in Sabah except for the resident Wandering Whistling Duck. While debating to visit Tempasuk for the Hen Harrier (Vagrant) seen by Gary and John last week, I decided to go for another round of Duckling at my favorite patch, Lok Batik in Tuaran about 35 minutes drive from Kota Kinabalu to the North.

While scanning for the Northern Pintail etc, one particular bird struck me as being white and brown all over with the distinct yellow color on the lower mandible really excites me. Then I noticed my camera battery was out. Luckily my uncle was nearby and with his helped, we managed to record another vagrant Duck for Sabah, female Cotton Pygmy Goose and my 1st lifer for 2015!

Based on the records, last seen was around 50 years ago...

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Everyone got the Goose

Record shot of the female Cotton Pygmy Goose

Happy birding everyone.

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1 comment:

john said...

Usually I am impressed and jealous of all your exotic bird sightings from Borneo. This time I have already seen the birds that you mentioned in this post. The pintail and harrier are no big deal to me. Nevertheless, congratulations on the Cotton Pygmy Goose. I saw some in Cambodia years ago. I love reading your blog.