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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mountain Leaf Warbler (Phylloscopus trivirgatus kinabaluensis)

1st May 2013

There are 2 subspecies of Mountain Leaf Warbler found in Sabah and the photos below is the commonest one you will encountered at Mt. Kinabalu and around Crocker Range. The other P. trivirgatus trivirgatus (more yellow) apparently is rare but I have seen at both places for few times. It could be found in bird waves together with Black-capped White Eye, White-throated Fantail, Yellow-breasted Warbler and few more.

Taken with Nikon D300s + 300mm 2.8 VR II + TC1.4x


Very fast moving bird!

Happy birding!

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1 comment:

Murphy said...

Nice capture bro! I had seen 1 or 2 of them but never able to photograph them. They show up for a split second only..