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Friday, April 12, 2013

Brown Shrike

12th April 2013

Surprised to see this visitor from North Asia still around (saw 2 birds), as the other migrant birds has flew back to its origin for breeding ...

Digiscoped with Swarovski STX 95 + TLS APO + Nikon V1 ~ ISO 400, 1/80s at 30x

With smooth background !

Plus I'm loving the reach from the Swarovski STX 95. I seldom shoot above 1500mm with my previous scopes (shimmer heat, air quality, vignetting etc). But with the above combo, vignetting is not a problem (30mm built in lens in the TLS APO adapter). Every time I point the scope towards my subject, everything looks much closer than before. The 2.7x crop factor from the fast Nikon V1, it is much easier to Digiscoped nowadays, from my point of view ...

Happy birding everyone !

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