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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Helmeted Hornbill

7th August 2012

The largest Hornbill in the world and rare by its status in Borneo itself besides White-crowned and Wreathed Hornbill. My first sighting at Kinabatangan River in 2003 near Pangi Hill then after many years, heard and it was responding the playback after few minutes. A pair flew near the boat at Oxbow Lake providing excellent pictures with blue sky !

Other notable species seen with Daniel and Arlief during their 6 days trip with me and John Bakar recently was :
  • Crimson-headed Partridge
  • Red-breasted Partridge
  • Wreathed Hornbill
  • Fruithunter
  • Bornean Pygmy Elephant

Taken with Nikon D300s + 300mm 2.8 VR II

Female with white throat

Record shot of this elusive Bornean Ground Cuckoo

A very healthy dominant male Orang Utan !

Happy birding !


James said...

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luke said...

Nice blog, thanks for sharing. I got lot of information from your blog.

Anonymous said...

You really do have a very beautiful website. Other than Sabah ever thought of coming down to Sarawak and taking pictures of the Buceros Rhinoceros?

Those are graceful and elegant birds too!!

Here is a little bit something for me to share with you that I found.