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12 Days Birding & Bird Photography Tours In Sabah, Borneo

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Birding With Bjorn Olesen & Fanny

3rd - 6th May 2012

Spent another few days at Kinabalu National Park to get some of the endemic birds in Borneo for Bjorn Olesen, an award winning wildlife photographer from Singapore with collection over 40k++ images taken throughout the world.

Weather was great in the morning but at lunch time, heavy rain lasted for few hours with thick mist at the mountain. Only managed to get few good shots of birds together with Nephentes Rajah and luckily there were 2 blooming Rafflesia Keithi at Poring Substation, about 45 minutes drive from the Headquarters.

Digiscoped with Nikon Fieldscope EDG85 via FSA-L2 DSLR Photo Adapter on Nikon D300s and 80-400mm VR lens

Shooting the Pale-faced Bulbul at Mesilau Substation

Regional endemic of this beauty, Black-capped White Eye

Nephentes Rajah, the biggest Monkey Cup in the world only found at Borneo

Chestnut-hooded Laughingthrush, one of the 3 Laughingthrush at Mt. Kinabalu

Pale-faced Bulbul, endemic to Borneo

Mini gallery at Vivianne Garden

The entrance to see the biggest flower in the world !

Healthy looking flower and on the left top petal is the Blue Carrion Fly the main pollinator. This flower could last only for few days ...

Soon will bloom. It takes up to 9 month from bud to become flower.

Little Pied Flycatcher

 View of the Crocker Range from my room at Lily's Lodge

Golden-naped Barbet, another endemic to this island

Happy birding !

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Birding With Dave Irving

27th April - 1st May 2012 

Spent few days with Dave Irving who hailed from England but currently based in Taiwan, taking pictures of birds and wildlife at Sepilok then few nights at Sukau Greenview Bed & Breakfast.

Key species seen during the 5 days trip was :
  • Storm's Stork ~ Performing mating ritual on air 
  • White-crowned Hornbill ~ A pair seen crossing the Menanggul river
  • Rhinoceros Hornbill ~ Seen at Sepilok Bed & Breakfast feeding on the fruiting tree
  • Bornean Ground Cuckoo ~ Seen running very fast up and down the riverbank. Heard 2 days in a row
  • Bornean Bristlehead ~ Only single bird seen in flight from Bristlehead Tower
  • Bornean Pygmy Elephant ~ More than 100++ at the river !
  • Orang Utan ~ On final morning at Menanggul river !

Digiscoped with Nikon Fieldscope EDG85 via Nikon FSA-L2 DSLR Photo Adapter on Nikon D300s and 80-400mm VR

Dave Irving shooting at the Baya Weaver

Female Baya Weaver

Javan Myna only found on the East Coast of Sabah

Blue-eared Barbet at one of the fruiting tree at RDC

Cream-vented Bulbul

Bornean Brown Barbet

Olive-winged Bulbul

Flying Lizard

Female Brown-throated Sunbird

John Bakar

Mark at Kinabatangan River

Bornean Pygmy Elephant

Sunset at Kinabatangan River

The elusive Bornean Ground Cuckoo

Blue-eared Kingfisher

The endangered Storm's Stork 

Snake sp.

Purple Heron

Oriental Pied Hornbill

Wrinkled Hornbill ~ My favorite !

Commonest raptor at the river, Crested Serpent Eagle

Endemic Proboscis Monkey

Lesser Fish Eagle

Female Malaysian Blue Flycatcher with nesting material

Orang Utan

Wagler's Pit Viper

My favorite shot so far of this resident Pacific Swallow from the jetty at Sukau Greenview Bed & Breakfast

My lifer, Baya Weaver ! Thanks to Alphon aka Beastmaster :)

Happy birding !