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Friday, February 18, 2011

Bulbuls Frenzy !

15th - 18th February 2011

On my recent trip at Tambunan Rafflesia Centre and Kinabalu National Park with Rob, saw few fruiting and flowering trees that attracted many birds and one particular tree at Poring Hot Spring Sub-station, lots of Bulbuls such as Black-headed, Streaked, Puff-backed and Cream-vented Bulbul plus other species; Asian Fairy Bluebird, Whitehead's Spiderhunter (picture above) etc

Digiscoped with Nikon Fieldscope EDG85 via Nikon FSA-L2 DSLR Photo Adapter on Nikon D300s and 80-400mm VR lens.

Streaked Bulbul

Black-headed Bulbul

Cinereus Bulbul

Scaly-breasted Bulbul

My lifer, Black & White Bulbul !

Happy birding !

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Long-tailed Broadbill (Psarisomus dalhousiae)

12th February 2011

A day visit at Tambunan Rafflesia Centre with Joe and Sis produced few interesting birds with pictures especially the Long-tailed Broadbill as seen here with Whitehead's Spiderhunter and my lifer the sub-adult Rusty-breasted Cuckoo :)

These pair was seen feeding nearby and then flew into their nest just above my head on the same tree with the elusive Whitehead's Spiderhunter feeding nectars on the reddish colour flowers.

Digiscoped with Nikon Fieldscope EDG85 via Nikon FSA-L2 DSLR Photo Adapter on Nikon D300s

500mm ~ Cropped with Nikon Capture NX2

Sometimes birders referred this bird as wearing helmet !

Feeding the female

Happy birding folks and I will be away on birding tours until the end of March. Will update my blog while on the move :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Black-capped Kingfisher (Halcyon pileata)

7th February 2011

One of the uncommon visitor to Sabah, North Borneo seen recently at Kinarut paddy field about 30 minutes drive from Kota Kinabalu city.

Taken with Nikon D300s on 80-400mm VR

Happy birding !