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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tawai Forest Reserve, Telupid

3rd - 7th August 2009

Team up with Javanus from WWF, John, Denis and Syamsul at Telupid district, about 3 hours drive from Kota Kinabalu for a surveyed of birds and mammals at few forest reserve around Telupid. The project was initiated by the state government under the forestry department and World Wide Fund group as part of Heart Of Borneo (HOB) project and to promote tourism in the district itself.

Sites covered was, Microwave station about 400m asl, forest edge around the base and river next to the pump house belongs to water department. Total species seen was 100 birds and the main productive site is along the access road to Microwave station, managed to see over 50 species in one single morning.

The base on the edge of the forest reserve.

Chief cook, Syam

Workplace for data entry.

Haze season through out the state at this moment.

John observing White-bellied Woodpecker high on a death tree.

Access road to Microwave at the reserve. Entry to this place is restricted.

Denis, John and Javanus.

Looking for White-crowned Forktail on a stream.

Me and John

In between the break from birding, me and John visited my father's village at Langkabong and trekked to one of the unknown waterfall. Saw Oriental Darter, Dollarbird and Gold-whiskered Barbet including the uncommon Red-crowned Barbet calling from the distance.

The waterfall itself has a potential for attracting visitors from outside Telupid and surrounded by forest reserve. Water is cool and very refreshing.

Tuntungan Waterfall.

Crimson Sunbird.

Jerdon's Baza.

Diard's Trogon.



Images digiscoped with Nikon Fieldscope ED82, SRB-Griturn adapter and Fujifilm F31D.

Next trip would be next month on the other forest reserve and I will be driving to Kinabatangan River tomorrow for another birding tour.

Happy birding !


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