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Friday, June 26, 2009

Nikon Photography Workshop And Fieldscope EDG 85

20th - 21st June 2009

The 1st Nikon Photography Workshop in Sandakan held at Rainforest Discovery Centre was a big success with more than expected last minute participants registered on the first day even though all seats was booked a week before the event.

At the same time, Nikon Malaysia decided to unvield the new Nikon Fieldscope EDG 85 in Malaysia with a selling price around RM 13k for body and the eyepiece. It was officiated by the Honourable Mr. Au Kam Wah, State Assembly for Elopura Parliment during the workshop.

From a quick test done by me and few others friends, it is cleared that the EDG 85 is brighter, sharper and more contrast than the ED82 using the same 38x eyepiece on both scopes. The test lasted until sunset and colour fringing is invisible for the EDG 85 while looking at bird against the grey sky.

Now I need the EDG 85 and compare it with my friends's Kowa 883 and 884 to see who is the king of spotting scopes !

Some of the pictures taken during the workshop and courtesy of my best friend, John Prudente and Tee from Nikon Malaysia.

Registration counter

John Kong with Landscape Photography and Capture Nx2

Participants throughout the state

Kavid Yan from Nikon Malaysia for Nikon Creative Lightning

Jollence Lee in Wedding Photography

Seng, Mark, Me and Syakila

Mr. Sim (middle) Regional Manager for Nikon Malaysia with Kelvin Chan for Portrait Photography

Group Photo

John Kong with his new Mac !

Cede Prudente for Nature Photography

From left to right; Kavid, Irene, John Prudente, Carol Prudente and Mr. Sim

Hahaha future Nikon ads ? :p

Crested Serpent Eagle captured with 18-70mm lens !

John Bakar

Gary Albert

Dan Fiel @ Dulce

Dan and Carol

Birding and Digiscoping in Sabah by me :)

Officiating the new Nikon Fieldscope EDG 85

Enjoying the view from the new scope

The straight EDG 85 construction is similar like Nikon Telephoto Lens and getting on the target if faster than the old ED82

Pied Fantail

Rufous Night Heron

Special thanks for Irene and her staffs from Sandakan Foto for the workshop. See you on the next workshop hehehe :)

My next birding tour is on the 10th until 25th of July and at this moment, attending my brother in law wedding ceremony until this Sunday.

Happy birding !


Stuart Price said...

You should get a job for Nikon!

Those new scopes look pretty good and that Rufous Night Heron shot is great.

Unknown said...

That Night Heron shot is incredible, you should also start mentioning the distances you are shooting from in your images, we can then appreciate your true efforts...Thomas

Isa said...

I missed this event.. nevertheless, next workshop I will try to attend.. :-)

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