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94 species of birds in 1 day at Tabin Wildlife Reserve

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Birding With Kontiki Group From Finland

3rd - 6rd April 2009

Went to Tabin Wildlife Reserve one day earlier before the group arrived, I did not waste any opportunity to search for fruiting trees and birding around the restaurant and at Tomanggong Road the next day with Maldin.

The big surprised was, when I checked in to my room, Malaysian Blue Flycatcher greeted me with a smile hahaha :p

Malaysian Blue Flycatcher

But it rained the whole afternoon until 5pm, but few birds still active that time such as Lesser Green Leafbird, Black-winged Flycatcher Shrike and this Buffy Fish Owl suddenly perched not far from the restaurant and back to to forest after few minutes.

Buffy Fish Owl with one eye opened

The next morning, started early in the morning with Maldin and birded until 10am before I met with the group at Lahad Datu town together with my best friend, Osman who are leading the group from Mt. Kinabalu then to Kinabatangan River.


My favorite hill for Raptors !

Hehehe enjoying bird from the pickup and this is me with new lifer, Tiger Shrike !

On the way to the lodge, saw Oriental Darter, Crested Serpent Eagle and Brahminy Kite with a pair of White-crowned Hornbill, Lesser Coucal and Bornean Pygmy Elephant as a warmth welcome to the group as we were approaching the resort.

After tea break, drove to Tomanggong Road and walk back to the lodge around 6pm. After dinner, searched for Brown Wood Owl and Barred Eagle Owl did not yield any result.

Using a truck as the main transportation between the lodge to Tomanggong and Core Road

Access road to the Core area

Looking for Green Imperial Pigeon

Next morning, more birds were seen such as Lesser Cuckoo Shrike, Little Bronzed Cuckoo, Purple Throated Sunbird, Rhinoceros and Wrinkled Hornbill with Verditer Flycatcher and Fiery Minivet.

Black-capped Babbler and Black and Crimson Pitta really gave the group something to cheered up after waited nearly 30 minutes for both species to appeared hahaha and then my first Hose's Langur was spotted by Osman as another addition for the group :)

A pair of Black Hornbill

Rain ...

Asian Fairy Bluebird with Cicada

Raffles's Malkoha enjoying the morning sun

On my last day with the group, saw Wreated Hornbill, heard Helmeted Hornbill and a pair of Changeable Hawk Eagle with a juvenile. The smallest raptor in the world, White-fronted Falconet was another bonus for one of the birder which he did not see when they were at Poring Hotspring.

Stopping at the lake, Lesser Adjutant seen soaring high up on the sky then drove to Lahad Datu town in rain.

Crested Goshawk

Diard's Trogon

Chestnut-breasted Malkoha

Good birding as usual at Tabin Wildlife Reserve. The management did a very good job maintaining the lodge after big flood that happened in early February. Thanks to the Manager, Fernando and other staffs for ensuring the enjoyment while birding at Tabin hehehe.

I will be birding with the group again this Friday for their target, Malaysian Plover and my friend recently informed me, the parents has 1 chick now ...

Happy birding !


Stuart Price said...

Nice shots, especially the Owl!

One day I will go to Borneo, one day, one day......

Atanasio Fernández García said...

Hello Azahari! What a great trip and many interesting species of bird! I love your image of the blue Flycatcher, a true rarity! A warm greeting from Spain!

Jason Bugay Reyes a.k.a horukuru said...

Hehehe thanks a lot my friends and hope I can show you around when you comes to Sabah, Borneo !

Jordan Sitorus said...

Aduih aduih...Tabin of these days. Great stuff man!

Unknown said...

WOW...Borneo is an amazing place for birding. Your images are beautiful and my favorite is the image of the Malaysian blue Flycatcher.

Jason Bugay Reyes a.k.a horukuru said...

Hehehe thanks my friends !

Mingfei said...

Hey, there is a lattle award for you to be picked from my blog

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