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Monday, September 22, 2008

abandoned paddy field in tuaran district

20th september 2008

while waiting to break fast at my parents in law house, took short trip to a nearby paddy field and tested my fujifilm f31d for long distance shot to see the resolution produced by this camera (inspired to try after reading neil's post from hong kong regarding the nikon coolpix p5100 at this thread: CLICK HERE)

which the results was amazing using 45x eyepiece with his swarovski ATS HD80 !

my not really impressive results below compared with neil and distance around 100 metres digiscoped with nikon fieldscope ED82 with 30x eyepiece, resized and adjusted with nikon capture NX :

water buffalo used to plough the paddy field in the olden days, now left to roam freely due to the introduction of machines. it is also one of the item for wedding ceremony practiced by tribes in sabah

striated grassbird

white-breasted wood-swallow

together with spotted dove

this was taken with sony ericsson k660i

artistic shot hehehe

my favorite mt. kinabalu, the highest in borneo island :)

i will try my friend's nikon coolpix p5100 soon with 30x eyepiece on my scope and compare it with my pictures above :)

happy digiscoping !

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