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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

likas lagoon part 3

17th june 2008

good weather today as usual and not windy like yesterday but unfortunately, arrived a bit late and only yellow-bellied prinia was close for getting decent shot. other birds such as intermediate egret and purple heron quite far until around 11.00 am

but heat haze was the main problem too ...

out of 300 frames today only 18 managed to get into my hard disk hahaha :p but it was fun digiscoping with my best friend, karim and before we left in the afternoon, yellow-bellied prinia was a treat for him where he missed it yesterday hehehe.

shot for today, combination of good and bad :p

collared kingfisher

common moorhen

little heron

purple heron around 100 metres

hey it's you again ! (yellow-bellied prinia)

exposure value stop above 2/3 - advice from chris gomersall and it really works wahaha !

great egret same like above

purple heron

magpie robin - sings exactly 5.30 am daily behind my parents' house !

digiscoped with nikon fieldscope ED82, srb-griturn Mk II adapter and fujifilm f31d

happy digiscoping :)


LonaDay said...

hi! nice blog and nice photos! keep up the passion for birdwatching.

Jollence Lee said...

Ni di Likas lagoon kah ni?

Jordan Sitorus said...

Aiming for the purple moorhen... Nice shots geng!

Jordan Sitorus said...

let me rephrase that...swamphen! beautiful bird!