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Thursday, June 12, 2008

hornbill in aviary

6th june 2008

me and karim were looking for roosting site of the large-tailed nightjar along the old penampang - papar road without success, so decided to visit lok kawi wildlife park which is under the wildlife department now and has few animals such as bornean pygmy elephant, bornean gibbon, orang utan, proboscis monkey and quite small aviary for birds that is found in borneo i.e chestnut-capped thrush, great argus and blue-winged pitta !

while taking pictures of the birds which i havent seen in the wild (pied imperial-pigeon, silvery wood-pigeon and straw-headed bulbul) saw 2 hornbills; rhinoceros and wreathed preening each other on the same tree which is a bit surprised for me because i havent encountered this type of behavior before among different species of hornbill

this is the emailed that i've got from orientalbirding group ;

Hi Jason,

It is common to see birds of different species mingling together
this way, especially when in captivity or in a aviary. In a
confined and cramped environment, different species seem to lose
their protective behaviour and animosity with other species. Over time and limited space many birds will lose their natural inhibitions. Even parrots can be taught to ride bicycles.

At the Zoo Negara (National Zoo) I have also seen different
hornbill species interacting and perching side by side in small aviaries in the zoo. Of course in the wild, their natural instincts and behaviour take over.

Mike Chong
Selangor, Malaysia
http://www5b. jp/~raptor/ index.htm

so the question has been answered hehehe thanks mike :)

videoscoped with nikon fieldscope ED82, srb-griturn Mk II adapter and sony ericsson P990i

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