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Monday, June 9, 2008

face of photographers

7th june 2008

visited rafflesia centre last saturday wth black-breasted fruit-hunter and long-tailed broadbill in mind, only short video out of focus of the fruit-hunter but did not get any glimpsed of the broadbill.

so while watching my friends in action chasing the juvenile bornean whistler in the afternoon, took few pictures of them hahaha :p

ready guys the bird's coming ! (chai)

too fast la this juvenile ... (karim)

ahhh (ron)

damn missed it again ! (jordan)

busy with wedding preparation, most probably next trip would be next month and lets hope i'll be able to get my first dslr nikon D300 hahaha :p

happy birding and digiscoping :)

all images was digiscoped with nikon fieldscope ED82, srb-griturn Mk II adapter and fujifilm f31d


Jordan Sitorus said...

Hahaha nice one here my fren! ur focusing wit the scope is amazingly accurate! mcm auto pula...great capture!

Anonymous said...

I m so jealous to see you guys having a BIG field day photography trip at the mountains.. Belum ada lagi my collection of montane birds.. :( O ya, heard you are getting married mate.. When is it? Tiada invitation ka? :P

Stuart Price said...

Have a nice wedding. If you're nervous about the wedding day just think of that nice camera you'll be getting...........