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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

mt. kinabalu trogon :p

23rd april 2008

wahahaha now i got my record shots a pair of whitehead's trogon this morning after my best friend, osman who currently leading another bird group with susan myers informed me about their finding yesterday afternoon :)

had only 2 hours to spend birding at the mountain today, after 15 minutes walked, saw the female flew in front and perched not far away from the trail. took few frames and heard the male calling.

female much cooperative than the male ...

when i saw the male, it took off quite fast and perched at other tree but unfortunately too many leaves and twigs blocking my scope's view and it was a bit dark as well :p

found only in borneo, this male actually much bigger in size than other trogons in greater sunda

bornean whistling thrush

while waiting for the trogon to came back (which it did not !), another endemic showed itself less than 10 seconds. this thrush was split from the sunda whistling thrush that is endemic to java, and eventually became bornean endemic hehehe :)

hope can get another pictures soon before my trip with ck to jakarta this coming may :o

digiscoped with nikon fieldscope ED82, srb-griturn adapter and fujifilm f31d

1 comment:

Jordan Sitorus said...

Ur birds makes me crazy buss! exclusively for endemics only ka? Hebat! Jakarta...different birds!