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Friday, March 14, 2008

bob's mission of bornean endemic

9th - 14th march 2008

had a wonderful trip with bob for a week where birding started at kinabalu national park for 3 days which is the best place for bornean endemics then flew to sandakan city on the 11th march and stayed at tomanggong lodge ( searching for hornbills and bornean ground-cuckoo. last 2 days spent at rainforest discovery centre for the bornean bristlehead and black and crimson pitta.

one of the highlight for the trip at kinabalu national park was a 10 minutes view of the everett's thrush at bukit ular trail on the 10th march. saw it hopping along the trail and the light was good enough to enable us to see the whole part of the bird before it faded off the trail. other species seen; a pair of whitehead's broadbill, bornean treepies, sunda bush warbler.

when we arrived at sukau river lodge, water was quite high and cruising along resang and menanggul river produced lots of lifers for bob such as 6 storm's storks perched on a same tree, long-tailed parakeets, oriental darter and buff-rumped woodpecker. but the number of birds at menanggul river a bit disappointing in the morning probably because of the floods. by the way, bob got a pair of white-crowned hornbill through the scope late in the evening around 6.30pm in front of the lodge hahaha :p

checked in at sepilok bed and breakfast then continued birding at rainforest discovery centre for the bornean bristlehead. this is a new area for birding frequented by local photographers and digiscopers and has excellent trails and soon it would be linked with sepilok orang utan sanctuary.

bob left sabah to west malaysia for a week birding with weng chun hope he'll get his last helmeted hornbill hehehe :p

total lifers for bob : 89

total endemic seen : 11

total species seen and heard : 144

non bird species seen :
  • orang utan
  • proboscis monkey
  • long-tailed macaque
  • silver leaf monkey
  • red giant flying squirrel
  • pygmy squirrel
  • prevost squirrel
  • plaintain squirrel
  • bornean pygmy elephant

new lounge and departure hall for kota kinabalu international airport

truck load of oil palm fruits

me and jessie

pic taken from viewing platform at rainforest discovery centre

from the left, alex, yin, cede and bob looking at a flock of pink-necked green pigeons

rhinocerous hornbill

white-bellied woodpecker

pictures was digiscoped with nikon fieldscope ED82, srb-griturn adapter and fujifilm f31d

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