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Thursday, December 13, 2007

nice and warm day

3th december 2007

technology really helps birders especially when we saw lifer around the city :) andrew and sinooorita found and photograped bar-tailed godwit at tg aru water village opposite sutera harbour resort in the morning during low tide.

so went this morning and start shooting with them and saw the godwit not far from where i parked my car hehehe. walked slowly towards the bird and less than 50 metres, done ! captured live view and many shots of the bar-tailed godwit and few other waders too.

but found out, most of my shots wasnt sharp enough and some of them was overexposed ...

enjoy the pictures !

some of the great, little and chinese egrets gathering on the edge of the water

houses built on stilts where mixed tribes lives there

andrew taking pictures of the pacific golden plover together with the bar-tailed godwit

this grey-tailed tattler was heading towards me so i couldnt resist taking few frames of it even though it is really difficult to take pics while panning and focusing at the same time on the scope ...

one of my favorite shot today :p little-green heron less than 10 metres !

new addition to my list this year, bar-tailed godwit hahaha :)

thanks to andrew and karim today had much fun shooting under the blue sky

happy birding and digiscoping :o

taken with nikon fieldsc0pe ED82, srb-griturn adapter and fujifilm f31d


Anonymous said...

Wow, nice pics you have here! seems like a perfect day for photography. keep it coming!

Mel said...

Love the heron pic!