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Saturday, November 10, 2007

latest update !

10th november 2007

after several times birded this week at tempasuk for the buff-banded rail, saw it flew within few second exactly at 1734 hrs today with sinooorita when we almost left that place for dinner hahaha luck on my side again :p

on the 8th november, ck and dennis went to tempasuk early morning and they not only managed to see the buff-banded rail but another lifer for them, juvenile ruddy-breasted crake ! it's a winter visitor for borneo island but secretive similar like the other rails and coots :)

today species seen;

buff-banded rail - been chasing this bird since the 2nd of november !
common kestrel
grey wagtail
little egret
great egret
cattle egret
oriental pranticole
wood sandpiper
purple heron
wandering whistling duck
black-winged kite
black-crowned night heron
juvenile cinnamon bittern
white-winged tern
black-headed munia
scally-breasted munia
eurasian tree sparrow
spotted-necked dove
peaceful dove
white-breasted wood-swallow
barn swallow
pacific swallow
yellow-vented bulbul
straited grassbird

below is not very good picture of common kestrel taken few days ago hand held camera to the eyepiece :0

more birds seen but couldnt remember hahaha :0 happy birding !

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