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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

tambunan rafflesia reserve

13th november 2007

after being informed by dennis that he might saw sapphire flycatcher at tambunan rafflesia centre the day before with his wife, decided to investigate with dennis hahaha as the weather has been perfect and drove for an hour from small town of penampang (majority kadazan dusun tribe lives there) and arrived around 0720 hrs in the morning :)

few minutes later saw the sapphire flycatcher ! but then it came out to be 1st winter black and white flycatcher which is a common winter visitor for sabah around the mountains hehehe so hanged around for few hours and managed to see quite exciting number of birds mostly endemics for borneo :p

all time favorite:

bornean bulbul
ashy bulbul
mountain barbet
grey wagtail
asian brown flycatcher
1st winter black and white flycatcher
1st winter mugimaki flycatcher
dark-sided flowerpecker
chestnut-crested yuhina
mountain serpent eagle (flew very low on blue sky !)
whitehead's spiderhunter
temminck's sunbird
mountain imperial pigeon

this is the area where the best of borneo endemics can be seen easily hahaha

winding road from kota kinabalu to the centre

as usuall dennis busy with his office :p

take note that this is the area where birders would come and search for mountain leaf bird yellowish colour, bornean and mountain barbets, whitehead's spiderhunter together with the black-breasted fruit-hunter.

more info send me email :)

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