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Thursday, September 20, 2007

secret of garama river

19th september 2007

it has been more than a year since i came to this river searching for the elusive proboscis monkeys. the feeling was great as good weather accompanied me and other couple from england, malcom and helen who were keen birders and has been staying in south africa for few years. lots of lifers for both of them with the help of fantastic boatman who helped to spot barbet and kingfishers ...

birds that seen:

little green heron
common sandpiper
white-breasted waterhen
black-nest swift
asian palm-swift
grey-rumped treeswift
barn swallow
pacific swallow
gold-whiskered barbet
blue-eared kingfisher
ashy tailorbird
pink-necked green pigeon
brown-capped woodpecker
olive-winged bulbul
magpie robin
brahminy kite
blue-crowned hanging-parrot
hill myna
asian glossy starling
large-tailed nightjar

mammal and reptile list:

proboscis monkey
long-tailed macaque
silver-leaf langur
water buffallo

nice view of the river hoping to see birds and other animals

looking at the proboscis monkey

off they go !

calm river with crocs

reflection of the tree on the water

smiling faces of helen, jamly and malcom :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

everett's thrush of mt. kinabalu

10th september 2007

went birding with lars from sweden who has been here 3 times and decided to search for the elusive everett's thrush at one of the trail around kinabalu national park. unfortunately didn't see any, means a reason to come again hahaha :p

bird list:

whitehead's trogon a pair
white-throated fantail
grey-throated warbler
sunda bush warbler
mt. leaf warbler
mt. tailorbird
bornean treepie
ashy drongo
mt. blackeye
bornean whistling-thrush
flavescent bulbul
bornean whistler
red-breasted partridge
crimson-headed partridge (heard)
whitehead's broadbill (heard)
bornean stubtail
little pied flycatcher
chestnut-crested yuhina
blue and white flycatcher
mugimaki flycatcher (lifer for lars)
bare-headed laughingthrush
sunda laughingthrush
chestnut-capped laughingthrush
golden-naped barbet (heard)

looking at the mt. kinabalu in the evening hoping for good weather tomorrow

road leading up to the trail

morning view of the valley from the trail

lars patiently waiting for the thrush

walked on this trail 6 times since 6.00 am until 4.oo pm