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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

recce trip to Crocker Range National Park

date 27-28th august 2007

john prudente
cede prudente
john kong
albert and wendy hutton

this time combining with well known photographers, writer and naturalist to the national park for overnight trip mainly birding and photography as well updating info about this newly accessible place.

john posing in front of his house with 2 mountain biking on top of albert's mitsubishi

hehehe myself :p

looking through the binoculars identifying figs and albert's 4x4 was overheat !

other view from opposite road

john kong admiring the view of kota kinabalu city from the top mean while cede was shooting at the mountain imperial-pigeon seen perched on the bare tree below eye level.

preparing equipments for birding

uphill again !

checking for leeches and all was infected hahaha :p

end of the trail while albert looking up at the sky maybe scanning for the mars

cede and alim were looking at the flocks of pygmy white-eye (endemic)

yehaha time to go back to the rest house

sumptuous dinner with alim and wendy and big smile from cede

28th august 2007 morning birding day. the other john and albert gone for downhill biking after the birders left

john kong and albert couldn't resist fighting the mud with their bicycles after the walked yesterday

john passing down his knowledge about camera to wendy who just bought new Nikon D40x for her upcoming trip to peru

which one better Nikon Fieldscope ED82 with 30x eyepiece or Nikon AF-S 600mm with D2Xs ...

the star for this trip; white-fronted falconet spotted by john. the smallest raptor in the world and confined only at north borneo. well it is small right by looking at my picture :p the bird is on the top of left branch

last shot for the falconet before left for late breakfast

smile for the camera hehehe :p

photos taken using john prudente Fujifilm S2PRO with combinations of 600mm, 70-200mm and 18-70mm lenses as well contributions from cede and john kong during the outing

Monday, August 20, 2007

hehehe best bird photographers of malaysia

August 2007

was in sukau village for few days and met with few bird photographers who came from tawau and penang and equipped with big guns Nikon 600mm lenses ! had to wiped my nose few times as blood coming out from it hahaha :p

then it rained heavily and had to turned back to the lodge.

the morning begun with a good hope of seeing bornean ground-cuckoo ...

photographers setting up their gears on the boat.

with a big smile from Tswong (standing with his better beamer).

off they go ! wished with them that day but have to leave back to sandakan with another couple from italy.

discussing something with john prudente while marco and kristen enjoying the morning mist.

photo credits from jollence