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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Danum Valley

22-26th October 2018

Spent a few days with friends from Pontianak at Danum Valley Field Centre. Mainly for wildlife and landscapes. It didn't disappoint everyone with a daily visit to the Global Atmosphere Watch Tower to watched the sunrise and amazing view of the misty rainforest of Sabah, Borneo! We also managed to get a close shots of the North Grey Gibbon, Orang Utan, Red Leaf Monkey, Black and Crimson Pitta and many more.

Images taken with Swarovski Optik STX95 and Nikon. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Orang Utan

Changeable Hawk-Eagle

Morning coffee while enjoying the view of the rainforest

Recording the North Grey Gibbon calls in the morning at the tower with Sennheiser ME66/K6 and Tascam DR-44WL mounted on the Swarovski Optik Professional Tripod Head (PTH)

Undisturbed primary rainforest of Danum Valley is managed by Yayasan Sabah together with Maliau Basin and Imbak Canyon

A visit to the tower is a must to for sunrise and sunset

Friendly Whiskered Tern captured at the bridge

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Thursday, October 25, 2018

Golden Sunrise at Danum Valley

23rd October 2018

One of the best place in Sabah to watched the sunrise among the misty rainforest at Danum Valley. A visit to Global Atmosphere Watch Tower is a must for visitors staying at Danum Valley Field Centre (DVFC). Still on birding tours. Back home this Friday.

Taken with Nikon D3s + 300mm f2.8 VR II. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Happy birding!

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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

FIlming at Malua and Deramakot Forest Reserve

20-25th August 2018

Short filming trip with crews from NHK Japan regarding the natural salt licks found in those reserves which is favoured by mammals such as Banteng and Orang Utan as recorded by Dr. Hisashi last time. Below is some of the images taken with Huawei and DJI. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Lunch with the gang at Malua

One of the best Koo Loo Meen I have tasted so far at Lahad Datu!

Buying some stuffs for Deramakot

Orang Utan at Malua

Yoktan with Rieko and cameraman Masashi

Along the access road at Deramakot

Magical sunrise with clouds of the tropical rainforest at Deramakot, Telupid


Banteng dung at Malua

 Malua substation

Ariel view of Deramakot Forest Reserve

Malua River

Balat substation next to Kinabatangan River at Deramakot

 Dr. Hisashi explaining the skull structure of the old Banteng at Malua substation

Happy filming!

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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Birds os Sabah

30th July - 10th August 2018

As part of their yearly holidays, Peter and Martina decided to spent birding in Sabah covering the usual hot spots at Mt. Kinabalu, Sepilok, Kinabatangan River and Danum Valley. Both are keen photographers and managed to capture some of the rare species found here too.

Highlight species:
  • Bornean Pygmy Elephant at Tenegang tributary
  • North Grey Gibbon, eye level view from the Global Atmosphere Watch Tower 
  • Helmeted Hornbill were seen calling from the fruiting tree at Danum Valley
  • Giant Pitta showed well at Danum Valley
  • Bornean Bristlehead near the Borneo Rhino Centre
  • Rufous-collared Kingfisher at Sepilok
  • Everett's Thrush with great sound recording too!
  • Scarlet-breasted Flowerpecker at Mt. Silam near the observation tower

Some of the recording during the trip (click on the link):

Images taken with Swarovski STX95, DJI Mavic Pro and Huawei. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Ariel view of Sukau Greenview Lodge, Kinabatangan River

Sunrise at Sukau Village, Kinabatangan River

Red-throated Barbet female at Poring Substation, Sabah Parks

Cracking view of this Rufous Woodpecker!

 Together with Bob at the river

Waiting for the Whitehead's Spiderhunter at Kinabalu Park HQ

Martina and Peter watches the quiet Bornean Forktail at Mahua Waterfall Substation, Tambunan

Smallest and endemic to North Borneo, this elusive White-fronted Falconet considered the tiniest Raptors in the world

Sunrise at Kinabatangan River 

Taking pictures of the pretty Blue-eared Kingfisher

Menanggul tributary is well known for its wildlife such as Orang Utan and Proboscis Monkey

The best Sinalau Beef at Kundasang!

Bat Hawk at Batu Tulug, Kinabatangan River

View of the islands at Lahad Datu from Mt. Silam

Observation tower at Menara Kayangan, Mt. Silam, Lahad Datu and it is opens daily

Dean from Sticky Rice Travel taking time lapse pictures of the sunrise in the mist at Danum Valley

Teo and Lister from Sticky Rice Travel keeping an eyes on the tall Menggaris Tree for the Red Giant Flying Squirrel in the late afternoon at Danum Valley

At last it rained at Kinabatangan River!

Together with Belle and Ateh from Sticky Rice Travel at Danum Valley Field Centre, Lahad Datu

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Good birding!

Monday, July 23, 2018

Rare Birds of Borneo

4-22th July 2018

Robert and wife decided to spent their wedding anniversary in Sabah for the 2nd time after 2009 visit and this time to clean up some of the Bornean specialty which they missed last time such as below:
  • Roulroul
  • Bornean Peacock-Pheasant
  • Crimson-headed Partridge (Kinabalu)
  • Red-breasted Partridge (Kinabalu)
  • Dulit Partridge
  • Storm's Stork (Kinabatangan River)
  • Bornean Falconet (Nesting at one of the eye level tree at Danum Valley)
  • Jerdon's Baza
  • Mountain Serpent Eagle (Paya Maga)
  • Large Green Pigeon (Feeding with the other Green Pigeon at Danum Valley)
  • Barred Eagle-Owl (Tabin Wildlife Reserve during the Dusk Drive)
  • Eastern Grass Owl
  • Reddish Scops Owl (Klias)
  • Large Frogmouth
  • Dulit Frogmouth (Bakalalan)
  • Sunda Frogmouth (Dipped at Tabin Wildlife Reserve)
  • Bornean Frogmouth (Bakalalan)
  • Malaysian Eared Nightjar
  • Malaysian Hawk-Cuckoo
  • Moustached Hawk-Cuckoo
  • Bornean Swiftlet (Kinabalu)
  • White-throated Needletail
  • Cinnamon-rumped Trogon (Showed well at last at Tabin after failed to locate the bird at Danum Valley!)
  • Rufous-collared Kingfisher (Gomantong Cave)
  • Bornean Banded Kingfisher (Sepilok)
  • Blue-banded Kingfisher (Tabin)
  • Wrinkled Hornbill (Danum Valley)
  • Yellow-crowned Barbet (Danum Valley together with the Large Green Pigeon)
  • Red-crowned Barbet (Scope viewed at Klias)
  • Bornean Barbet (Tambunan)
  • Mountain Barbet (Tambunan)
  • Hose's Broadbill (Paya Maga)
  • Whitehead's Broadbill (Final evening at Kinabalu with the helped from Hamit!)
  • Giant Pitta (Excellent called by Rafel at Tabin)
  • Blue-banded Pitta (A pair came from the hill at Tabin)
  • Bornean Banded Pitta (Paya Maga)
  • Blue-headed Pitta (Danum Valley)
  • Bornean Leafbird (Paya Maga)
  • Malaysian Honeyguide
  • Black Oriole (Paya Maga)
  • Bornean Bristlehead (A bit disappointing and missed it at Danum, Kinabatangan River and Sepilok)
  • Black & White Bulbul
  • Puff-backed Bulbul (Danum Valley)
  • Hook-billed Bulbul (Replied a few times and managed to get a good recording of this bird, but it didn't come into view at Klias)
  • Cinereous Bulbul (Tambunan)
  • Pale-faced Bulbul (Kinabalu)
  • Scaly-breasted Bulbul
  • Bornean Bulbul (Tambunan)
  • Friendly Bush Warbler
  • Bornean Stubtail (Kinabalu after the Everett's Thrush)
  • Temminck's Babbler (Kinabalu)
  • Rufous-crowned Babbler (Danum and Tabin)
  • Grey-breasted Babbler
  • Bornean Wren-Babbler
  • Black-throated Wren-Babbler (Sang and showed well at Tabin)
  • Eyebrowed Wren-Babbler (Paya Maga)
  • Chestnut-backed Scimitar-Babbler (Danum)
  • Rail Babbler (Paya Maga)
  • Bornean Bald Laughingthrush (Kinabalu)
  • Bornean Ibon (Paya Maga)
  • Everett's Thrush (Kinabalu)
  • Chestnut-capped Thrush
  • Chestnut-naped Forktail
  • Rufous-tailed Jungle Flycatcher (Bakalalan)
  • Fulvous-chested Jungle Flycatcher
  • Grey-chested Jungle Flycatcher (Danum Valley)
  • Dark Blue Flycatcher
  • Large-billed Blue Flycatcher
  • White-browed Shortwing
  • Scarlet-breasted Flowerpecker (Klias)
  • Brown-backed Flowerpecker (Sepilok)
  • Copper-throated Sunbird (Sepilok)
  • Whitehead's Spiderhunter (Kinabalu)
  • Pin-tailed Parrotfinch

Some recordings during the trip (click on the links):

At Danum Valley Field Centre, it was a bit quiet and tough than usual with the only Blue-headed Pitta seen. Missed the Bornean Bristlehead a day before by other group. Not even the common Moustached Hawk-Cuckoo were heard! But the great momentum started again at Tabin Wildlife Reserve with excellent view of Blue-banded and Giant Pitta then the Cinnamon-rumped Trogon!

At Paya Maga, they cleaned up most of the hard to find endemics and rare birds in Sabah such as Rail Babbler, Hose's Broadbill and Eyebrowed Wren-Babbler.

Images taken with Swarovski Optik spotting scopes and Huawei P10 Mate Pro. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Morning at Danum Valley

Little Spiderhunter

Bornean Colugo

Blue-throated Bee Eater

Misty morning at Danum Valley Field Centre

Leaf Insect sp.

 Henry joined the group a few days at Danum Valley

Swarovski Optik spotting scopes at Danum Valley Field Centre

Scanning for the Bristlehead at Danum Valley Field Centre

John Bakar, one of the well known wildlife guides in Danum Valley 

Late afternoon birding at Global Atmosphere Watch Tower, Danum Valley


With Rafel at Tabin Wildlife Reserve

 Menggaris tree at Tabin


Hibiscus, national flower of the nation

Watching the Bornean Barbet with Swarovski Optik STX95 scope at Tambunan

Hamit, who found the Whitehead's Broadbill after several days trying!

Angel's Trumpet

Mt. Kinabalu

Bornean Colugo, halfway before the two branches seen with Swarovski BTX95 spotting scope at Borneo Nature Lodge, Kinabatangan River

Busy Termites at Klias Peatswamp Field Centre

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Happy birding!