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2015 Birding Tours In Sabah

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94 species of birds in 1 day at Tabin Wildlife Reserve

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Fun Birding With Alex, Alison and Katie from USA

16th - 25th March 2015

It was fun having a young birdwatchers to Sabah, Borneo for the rainforest, birds, mammals, the people etc. Despite the unusual warm weather experienced during the trip, we did well with wildlife such as Bornean Bristlehead, Orang Utan, Whitehead's Broadbill and the awesome Mountain Serpent Eagle perched on the electric cable at Mt Kinabalu!

We struggled a bit for the Pitta at Danum and the water level were low too at Kinabatangan River, but we didn't managed to get any nocturnal mammals during the night cruise. Mt Kinabalu is excellent as usual and the changes of weather from too warm to chilly cold was very obvious.

Images taken with Swarovski STX 95 + TLS APO + Nikon V1, Nikon D300s + 300mm 2.8 VR II and Blackberry Z10

One of the rarest bird in Borneo, this could be the first documented image of Mt Serpent Eagle up close! 

Mt Kinabalu from the plane to Lahad Datu in the morning...

Rhinoceros Beetle waited for visitors on the water refilling station, Danum Valley

Katie, Alex and Alison enjoying the view of tropical rainforest on the first morning at Danum Valley

Birdwatching with Swarovski STX 95 along the access road at Danum Valley

Canopy Walkway with Lister

Danum river

Looking at the Scarlet-rumped Trogon

Cruising at Kinabatangan River for mammals and birds

A visit to Gomantong Cave for the bird nests

Waiting for the vagrant Siberian Rubythroat at Mt Kinabalu

Coffee + Kit Kat at Timpohon Gate!

Majestic Mt Kinabalu from Kundasang town

Bornean Spiderhunter on the banana flower @ Alex

Pacific Swallow, resident in Sabah

What a treat seeing a pair of Red-bearded Bee Eater near the canopy walkway at Danum

Diard's Trogon

Small but loud of this Grey-headed Canary Flycatcher

Dark-sided Flycatcher, visitor from North Asia

Popular cage bird, this White-crowned Shama is native to Sabah

Buffy Fish Owl, during the night cruise at Kinabatangan River

White-breasted Waterhen

Blue-eared Kingfisher

Salt Water Croc

Stork-billed Kingfisher, the largest in Sabah

Fast flying Long-tailed Parakeet


 Oriental Darter aka Snakebird

The girls continued their trip to Mulu National Park and Alex flew back to Las Vegas. Thanks guys for some of the best trip I have ever had!

Happy birding

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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Pied Wagtail

5th February 2014

After alerted by friends the presence of Pied Wagtail at Salut last Monday, I managed only to visit the place with Andrew late afternoon today. Not long after arriving, a pair landed in front but still a challenge for better pictures due to its constant active feeding on the mud.

Considered a vagrant for Sabah with only few records, the bird came all the way from Siberia.

Images taken with Swarovski STX 95 + TLS APO + Nikon V1. All Rights Reserved ©

Ocularis subspecies

Leucopsis subspecies

Andrew and the manager 

Happy birding!

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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Cotton Pgymy Goose

17th January 2014

Ducks are generally rare or considered vagrant particularly in Sabah except for the resident Wandering Whistling Duck. While debating to visit Tempasuk for the Hen Harrier (Vagrant) seen by Gary and John last week, I decided to go for another round of Duckling at my favorite patch, Lok Batik in Tuaran about 35 minutes drive from Kota Kinabalu to the North.

While scanning for the Northern Pintail etc, one particular bird struck me as being white and brown all over with the distinct yellow color on the lower mandible really excites me. Then I noticed my camera battery was out. Luckily my uncle was nearby and with his helped, we managed to record another vagrant Duck for Sabah, female Cotton Pygmy Goose and my 1st lifer for 2015!

Based on the records, last seen was around 50 years ago...

Images taken with Swarovski STX 95 + TLS APO + Nikon V1 ~ All Rights Reserved ©

Everyone got the Goose

Record shot of the female Cotton Pygmy Goose

Happy birding everyone.

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Monday, January 5, 2015

Birding With Nick & Family

21st December - 2nd January

The trip started around Kota Kinabalu for the locally Endangered Blue-naped Parrot at Tg. Aru Beach including Dollarbird and other garden birds. In the afternoon, went to my local patch for Wandering Whistling Duck, Stork-billed Kingfisher and Oriental Darter.

Despite the weather in the rainforest, we managed to get around 250 birds and 21 mammals with highlights such as Bornean Bristlehead, Storm's Stork and Mt. Serpent Eagle and Orange-breasted Trogon at the usual places, Tambunan Rafflesia Centre, Mt. Kinabalu, Sepilok Forest Reserve, Kinabatangan River and Danum Valley.

My lifer was the Oriental Bay Owl after hearing it for many years!

Images taken with Nikon D300s + 300mm 2.8 VR II + TC1.4x, Swarovski STX 95 + TLS APO + Nikon V1 ~ All Rights Reserved ©

Orange-breasted Trogon quite low this time at Mahua Waterfall

Thanks to Jack for finding these Barred Eagle Owl on the busy road at Mesilau village

Black-winged Flycatcher Shrike

Oriental Honey Buzzard

Bearded Pig along the access road, Danum

Asian Paradise Flycatcher, a treat for few minutes outside the Canopy Walkway at Danum

Roosting Scarlet-rumped Trogon from the Hornbill Trail, Danum

Black-headed Pitta, endemic to Sabah on the New Year Day :D

Majestic Mt Kinabalu in the morning from Cottage Hotel

Outdoor Nursery at Orang Utan Sanctuary, Sepilok

Afternoon cruise to Tenegang tributary for more Hornbill and Monkey

Waiting for the Bornean Bristlehead at Danum

Brown Wood Owl at Menanggul tributary

Happy birding!

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